Image of Inner Harbor (Safe Harbor Series #2) (Love Inspired #207)


Image of Inner Harbor (Safe Harbor Series #2) (Love Inspired #207)

Annie Simmons and Russ Mitchard are thrown together in a quaint tourist town called Safe Harbor. In his grandfather's will, Russ is required to marry Annie, a woman he's never met, in order to receive his inheritance. He is willing to make the marriage a temporary business partnership, but Annie is indignant at the prospect. Too many memories of her parents' struggling marriage haunt her. Then she discovers the only way to adopt a child she loves dearly is to marry, even if it's for the wrong reasons. Russ begins to notice why his grandfather chose Annie for him. But soon after the adoption goes through, all his self-doubts assail him. Can Annie help him overcome his past and become his INNER HARBOR (4)? Although both characters have deep emotional scars, they are believable and will touch the hearts of readers in Lois Richer's compelling tale.

Reviewed by: 
Beth Goddard