According to the family curse, Mary Frances Murphy was destined since birth to be a nun. She's almost there when she is unexpectedly booted out of her Order.

Mary Frances' sister Brianna and her pal Blue Brandenberg were the bad girls. Blue now needs Mary Frances' innocence if she's going to find who killed Brianna.

Out of touch with Brianna for years, Mary Frances didn't know her sister worked for Cherries, an elite escort service, or that she had died. Blue suspects that Webb Calderon, Brianna's last client, murdered her for something she discovered. In order to prove it, someone must get close to Webb.

Horrific conditions forged Webb's icy persona. As a boy, he witnessed his family's brutal murder, then was viciously tortured. Following that hellish event, he lost the ability to feel emotion. The one attribute that entices Webb is innocence, making Mary Frances the perfect candidate for this dangerous mission.

As Mary Frances explores Brianna's complex, deadly world, she begins to feel compassion and attracted to the prime murder suspect. So many have dangerous agendas; Mary Frances must learn to swim or this little fish will be swallowed whole.

The year starts with a bang as sensational Suzanne Forster delivers another flagship dangerous, thrilling and sensual novel. INNOCENCE will knock your socks off! (Feb., 448 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith