Image of Innocence: A Novel


Image of Innocence: A Novel

Masterful storyteller Koontz delivers perhaps his most eerie and unusual tale to date. The timeline in this amazing story is compact, and readers will be swept along as they try to unravel hints and clues as to the true nature of both the protagonists and the unfolding drama. Unpredictably spine-chilling and terrifying, this is a story readers won’t soon forget.

Since birth Addison Goodheart has known he must avoid other people at all costs, for their reaction to his face and eyes is swift and deadly. Addison’s mother kept him hidden in the rural countryside until he was eight years old; then, unable to stand it anymore, she sent him away. Fortunately, upon arriving in the city, Addison was discovered by a man who evoked the same horrified reaction from people. For years they lived deep below the city, only venturing out at night. However, six years ago, Addison’s father figure was murdered. Alone since then, Addison is intrigued when he crosses paths with a young woman hiding from dangerous enemies. Reclusive Gwyneth can’t be around other people too long, but she is on a mission to avenge the murder of her father. In Addison, Gwyneth finds a fellow fugitive from humanity. But her enemies are drawing closer and an hour of reckoning is at hand. (BANTAM, Dec., 352 pp., $28.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith