Fans of Presumed Innocent, Turow's blockbuster 1987 legal thriller, will be curious
to see what has become of Rusty Sabich. Turow does a great job using new technologies, but the multiple points of view are bothersome and some plot twists strain credulity. Additionally, the author sketches in details of almost every bit character's life, which slows down the action and unnecessarily detracts from the main story.

More than 20 years after he was accused of murdering his lover, Rusty Sabich is back in court, facing his old adversary Tommy Molto. This time Rusty, who's now a judge, is accused of murdering his wife, Barbara. Molto, sure that Rusty got away with murder so long ago, is determined to bring him down this time. (GRAND CENTRAL, May, 406 pp., $27.99)
Reviewed by: 
Liz French