Spend another enjoyable romp in the company of heiress Amelia Royston and the latest debutant she’s sponsoring for a season, Miss Helene Henderson. In the second installment of this series the author does a very good job of fleshing out the cast of secondary characters. Of particular note are Amelia’s new companion Emily, and the effervescent young buck Toby Sinclair. However, the secondary characters never detract from Helene and Max’s romance. Genre fans will particularly appreciate the attention the story pays to Helene’s concern about how having lower class ancestors may affect her chances to marry Max and the historical detail which Herries infuses in the charity work that occupies Helene and Max’s free time.

Miss Helene Henderson is resigned to live a modest life but when her mother’s friend, heiress Amelia Royston, unexpectedly offers to give Helene a season, the pair heads to London in hopes of finding Helene a match. There, Helene catches the eye of Lord Maximus Coleridge. Although the pair is well matched in temperament and share a love of charity work, trouble threatens the prospective union from both Max and Helene’s families. Will this pair be able to find a way to the altar or be pulled apart by fiscal concerns and the physical dangers of the assassin who is targeting Max? (HARLEQUIN, Aug. 2011, 288pp., $5.99)

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Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard