The Stone brothers have survived tragic loss and poverty, and now face a more difficult challenge: getting their youngest sibling out of jail and tracking the famous spy, Twilights Ghost, the man responsible.

Wealthy businessman Jarrod Stone will stop at nothing, including kidnapping the spys mistress, to exact his revenge. Sophia La Rue hadnt seen Jarrod since the day her mothers death shattered her world. Nothing could make her divuldge the secret of Twilights Ghost. For by day, Sophia poses as an impoverished widow; by night, she becomes the Ghost herself, seeking the man responsible for her misery: Jarrods father, Adam Stone.

Just when Sophia begins to let down her guard, an unforeseen enemy threatens not only the Ghosts identity, but Sophia and Jarrods first taste of true passion.

Surrounded by the other three curl-your-toes Stone brothers and Sophias best friend, AN INNOCENT MISTRESS is non-stop action and high emotion. Ms. Wade weaves a tale of bone-deep betrayal and the struggle of innocence with greed. Her new series, Four Brides for Four Brothers, promises success! SENSUAL (Sep., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black