Image of Innocent as Sin: A Novel


Image of Innocent as Sin: A Novel

The action moves at breakneck speed in this terrifying and intricate new thriller by suspense maven Lowell. In a world filled with shades of gray, Lowell's characters are gritty realists who do what's necessary, which makes her stories hard-edged but fascinating. This is good as it gets!

Kayla Shaw's banking career is uneventful until she's handed the Andre Bertone account. She realizes far too late that her VIP client is a dangerous crime figure and is told to make illegal wire transfers worth millions of dollars. Sensing she'll be eliminated if she doesn't, Kayla looks for a way out.

Former St. Kilda Consulting operative Rand McCree is lured back by the chance to finally find the mystery man called the Siberian. Upon learning he's reinvented himself as Bertone, Rand agrees to infiltrate the art exhibition Bertone is planning. Trapped between jagged rocks and very hard places, Kayla decides to trust Rand and play the dangerous game St. Kilda is orchestrating. (MORROW, Jun., 416 pp., $24.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith