Image of The Innocent's Dark Seduction (#2855)


Image of The Innocent's Dark Seduction (#2855)

THE INNOCENT'S DARK SEDUCTION (2) by Jennie Lucas: Roark Navarre attends a charity event in New York, hoping to convince the newly widowed Countess Lia Villani to sell him some prime real estate for development. He doesn't count on his immediate and intense attraction to her, and is shocked she's still a virgin after many years of marriage. Lia is surprised that she returns Roark's feelings, and when she finds out that he's the man whose merciless business tactics sent her father into financial ruin, they part bitterly. Then Lia learns she's pregnant. This story has a bit of a yo-yo feel to it. It goes back and forth between high passion and cruelty, and in the end, a dark and threatening feeling pervades rather than the hoped-for romance.

Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers