Image of The Innocent's Surrender


Image of The Innocent's Surrender
THE INNOCENT'S SURRENDER (2) by Sara Craven: With the passing of the Papadimos patriarch, the family's shipping business could fall into the hands of enemy Alex Mandrakis. The Papadimos brothers hope to prevent that by pretending to offer Natasha Kirby, an adopted member of their clan, as a potential bride to distract Alex. But it seems she's really been offered up as Alex's mistress. When Natasha refuses, she's told that if she doesn't agree, her family will be destroyed. Natasha knows she should despise Alex, but she can't. There's no setting the stage for romance, since the story begins in a rather cold and cruel manner. It's hard to connect to two characters that continually hurt each other, supposedly all in the name of love.
Reviewed by: 
Sandra Garcia-Myers