Image of Insatiable


Image of Insatiable

The incomparable Cabot gives her own twist to the Dracula legend with a quirky and humorous tale that both skewers and embraces vampire fiction. Cabot takes a heroine with her own paranormal issues and gives her a vampire headache, which will delight readers. There’s also a dash of poignancy in this tale of star-crossed lovers. Irresistible as always!

As a dialogue writer for the daytime soap Insatiable, Meena Harper hopes for a promotion. Instead she gets a new boss and a new storyline: vampires. Meena is disgusted by the me-too plotline but has few options; plus, she has a secret talent — she always knows when someone is going to die. Meena meets tall, dark and handsome Lucien Antonescu when he saves her from a bat attack. Little does she know that Lucien was the target and a vampire war is brewing. When Vatican-sanctioned vampire hunter Alaric Wulf claims Lucien is a vampire, Meena thinks he is nuts. But it would explain why she can’t tell when Lucien will die, since he is already dead. Meena now has more to worry about than writing convincing vampire dialogue! (MORROW, Jun., 464 pp., $22.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith