Image of Insatiable Desire (The Demonborn)


Image of Insatiable Desire (The Demonborn)

This interesting tale is filled with suspense and horror. The thoughts and
feelings of the numerous victims as
they are murdered is portrayed and much evil is depicted. A rather dark
and depressing story, even with the
good guys winning at the end --
for now.

It is seven days until the evil one known as Zion will rise from the dead. Psychic Clarissa King senses the coming evil. Two women have already been murdered and the local law suspects a serial killer, though in reality it is a demon doing the killing.

FBI agent Vincent Valtrez is sent to investigate because he grew up in Eerie, Tenn., in fact he and Clarissa were childhood friends. But Vincent was sent away 20 years ago when his father murdered his mother. He vowed never to return, but his father needs him. Can Clarissa stop Vincent from giving in to his evil side, and save him and the town? (Forever, Sep., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley