Complex characters, a fast and furious pace and nonstop action make Inside Out a fabulous read! Ben is a compelling hero with a dark psyche who fights his way out of tight situations through sheer will and ingenuity. The bad guys are truly evil, but their motivations are clear and convincing. Best of all, you’re never completely sure who is on what side.

After a bar fight lands him in a Manila jail, black ops soldier Ben Treven is indebted to his former commander. The condition of his freedom is that he must eliminate a rogue agent who is blackmailing agents by threatening to release tapes of prisoner torture at the hands of the CIA. Ben isn’t the only one after the tapes. He soon finds himself in reluctant cooperation with a female FBI agent who is pursuing her own investigation. (BALLANTINE, Jul., 341 pp., $25.00)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett