Image of Instant Gratification (The Wilders)


Image of Instant Gratification (The Wilders)

Shalvis crafts a fantastic and seductive tale of Instant Gratification. The light-hearted antics and endearing characters are both comical and irresistible. This story has enough heat to make your toes curl and sigh with delight. Balancing plot, humor and passion, Shalvis truly hits the mark and leaves you wanting more.

Emma returns to Wishful, Calif., to maintain her father's clinic while he recuperates from a heart attack. The urgent care center is a far cry from Dr. Emma Sinclair's previous position in a prestigious New York City emergency room. Wanting to return to big-city life, Emma maintains a level of professionalism and distance from the clientele.

Stone Wilder is a regular patient at the clinic due to mishaps from his work at Wilder Adventures and as a rescue worker. Tempted by the sexy and charismatic Stone, the usually all-work-and-no-play Emma finds that personal relationships are oftentimes a lot harder but definitely more satisfying than the sterile and grueling work of a busy ER. (BRAVA, Jul., 304 pp., $14.00)

Reviewed by: 
Casey Anselman