Image of Instant Temptation (The Wilders)


Image of Instant Temptation (The Wilders)

Shalvis gives readers the story of T.J. (the third, and eldest Wilder brother) and tough, prickly Harley. Despite
their constant bickering, these two
have a lot in common -- a fear of
commitment, loyalty to siblings and
a strong drive to overcome the
economic hardships of their youth through hard work. The conflict seems a little forced, and Harley is a bit immature, but this is a pleasant, quick and enjoyable read.

T.J. and his brothers are guides and the owners of Wilder Adventures, a Sierra Nevada lodge and wilderness outfitter. T.J. grew up with Harley, but they have been estranged since high school.

After getting her wildlife biology degree, Harley is working several temporary jobs, hoping to land a real job as a research biologist -- one that would take her to Colorado and away from her flaky family and T.J. -- and the sizzle she feels whenever she's around him. But their relationship changes when T.J. accompanies Harley into the wilderness to check on her malfunctioning wildlife cameras. (BRAVA, Apr., 304 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Joyce Morgan