When Lady Jaime MacPherson arrives at the church in her wedding dress, Malcolm MacLeod, her intended, is marrying another woman. She curses him for all eternity and flees Scotland to live with her English cousins, the Howards.

A year later, Jaime finds Malcolm is being held prisoner by the Duke of Norfolk's son, Edward. Keeping her wits about her, she secures Malcolm medical care and has him removed from the dungeon to the castle to be held for ransom.

Malcolm wed another to help his clan and save his inheritance, but his heart always belonged to Jaime. Yet, how could she betray him to his enemy?

As Jaime and Malcolm renew their relationship, coming to understand and love one another, they are unaware of the political maneuvering going on around them. The Duke is working to see Catherine Howard become the next queen. After Catherine sneaks off to bed Edward, knowing that he plans to wed Jaime, she tries to seduce Malcolm and kill her cousin Jaime.

As the Howards' intrigues threaten all that Jaime and Malcolm hold dear, they must find a way to deceive their captors and return home to Scotland before the secret of Jaime's birth is revealed.

In this sequel to Heart of Gold, May McGoldrick seeks to bring the world of Henry VIII's court to life with drama, passion, danger and a haunting love story. Readers who love a splash of colorful history blended into their romance will truly enjoy THE INTENDED. SENSUAL (Mar., 379 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin