Incomparable storyteller Dean Koontz plunges his readers into pure, unadulterated terror with his latest release, INTENSITY. Due to an unsettled, painful childhood, Chyna Shepherd rarely bonds with others, with the exception of Laura Templeton. One sleepless night during a weekend visit at Laura's parents' home, Chyna realizes, to her horror, that an intruder is attacking her friend's family. Hiding herself, she learns that the killer has already slaughtered the entire Templeton family, except for Laura. The killer, still unaware of Chyna's presence, takes Laura out to his motor home and prepares to leave. Chyna sneaks aboard but is too late to save Laura's life, and Chyna finds herself the unwilling passenger of this maniac.

Homicidal adventurer Edgler Vess is an amoral, gleeful psychopath. Stopping for gas on the way home, Vess decides to kill the patrons of the mini-market; but first he shows them a photo of the beautiful girl he has held in his cellar for a year, waiting for her to ripen. Chyna is once again an unwitting witness to slaughter, but despite her terror, she becomes obsessed with rescuing the captive girl. Unable to contact the authorities, Chyna will risk everything to stop Vess and save Ariel.

INTENSITY is a true roller coaster of a novel. Mr. Koontz has delivered a blood-curdling and heart-stopping duel between a man who cares for absolutely nothing and a woman who finally experiences a reckless caring for others. (Jan., 309 pp., $25.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith