Image of Intertwined (An Intertwined Novel)


Image of Intertwined (An Intertwined Novel)

Bestseller Showalter begins an epic new YA series loaded with supernatural drama. There are times when plot gets in the way of natural character development, but despite this, the series' future looks bright -- even when Aden's does not.

For as long as he can remember, Aden has heard voices in his head, each with its own personality. Labeled a schizophrenic by doctors, no one understands the power each personality holds. One raises the dead, another time-travels, one predicts the future and the last can take over another living body -- and Aden must deal with the fallout of these actions.

Shuffled from one home to another, he finally finds a place to stay, the D and M Ranch, and he meets Mary Ann, the one person who can silence the voices in his head. But one major annoyance remains: the prediction that he doesn't have long to live. (HARLEQUIN TEEN, Sep., 448 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Lauren Spielberg