Reporter Reese Delaware has the assignment of a lifetime-interviewing the elusive multi-millionaire computer genius Maxwell Knight, who's built his small company into an international conglomerate. Within seconds of their meeting, Reese knows this is going to be more than just an assignment. Reese is determined to make him notice her as a woman as well as a reporter.

Max is as impressed by Reese's integrity and professionalism as he is by her beauty. Within minutes she slips past his carefully erected emotional barriers. Within hours he's massaging away her migraines and kissing her senseless. Within days she claims his heart. But the deeper their involvement becomes, the worse her migraines-accompanied by a recurring nightmare she can't remember when she awakens. Most bizarre is that he is somehow responsible for her nightmares and tied to the tragic past she can't remember.

INTIMATE BETRAYAL is a riveting, sensual novel of intrigue, covert military operations, deadly family secrets...and murder. Don't miss this keeper! (May, 377 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson