Image of Intimate Danger


Image of Intimate Danger

In this nonstop, intensely layered romantic suspense, Fetzer works her magic with multiple characters and storylines, covering everything from military labs and archeological digs to weapon smuggling and personal vendettas. The heroine's dry humor, quick wit and surprising talents are entertainingly matched with the hero's military manners and determination. Their romance blossoms evenly page after page.

Clancy McRae has created a bionanotechnology to enhance physical and intellectual performance and has to fly to South America to save the men it has been prematurely implanted into.

Special op Mike Gannon airdrops into South America, hellbent on recovering his men and his aircraft, which was shot down over the rain forest. Clancy's and Mike's paths cross again and again, until they finally team up, racing against time and battling a drug cartel, snipers and Indians to stop a terrorist shipment of weapons and bring the Americans home. (BRAVA, Mar., 352 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Madsen