When Sasha Moore is chosen as the new spokesmodel for Diva Designs, she reluctantly takes the job with the hopes of raising funds and making contacts for her bridal design company.

Terraine Andrews has definite goals to accomplish. As the new CEO of Diva Designs, he has decided to expand the client base and increase the company profits. He is also ready to settle down and make a family with the right girl. One look at the photos of Sasha Moore, and his search for a spokesmodel and love are over.

A sinister presence overshadows the couple and the future of the company by leaving a trail of unexplained murders and mysterious break-ins. Sasha is soon targeted and it is only a matter of time before the killer closes in on her.

The mysterious murder of top fashion model Deja Davis is the catalyst that brings together the sizzling characters of this high fashion romance. Combine that with the known drama, creativity and feline attitude of the industry and you have a suspenseful and entertaining read. (Mar., 546 pp., $9.00)

Reviewed by: 
Hope Stephenson