Johanna Jones has realized her life-long dreambuying and restoring the Nottoway Inn in her Virginia hometown.

Upon her return to Nottoway, Johanna discovers her teenage crush on Jonathan Blake has blossomed into love. She cant believe her good fortune when Jonathan seems to return her feelings. Though her days are busy with preparations for the Inn, her evenings are spent enjoying fine cuisine and breathless kisses. Her life is too good to be trueuntil a stranger threatens to steal her inn and ruin her dreams.

Jonathan is cautious about his feelings for Johanna. Hes learned the hard way that a womans attentions dont necessarily mean love. A career, prestige and money are all some women treasure.

Though he cant believe Johanna has any ulterior motives, he realizes their relationship is advancing too fast. It isnt until his own business is threatened and his reputation almost ruined that Jonathan discovers the true treasures in his life.

Candice Poarch has returned to the bustling rural town of Nottoway, Virginia, introducing yet another delightful couple who will steal your heart and warm your reading hours with their cozy story. (Sep., 249 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson