After one stolen night, Katie Crosby must face motherhood—and telling her family that her baby's father is Peter Logan, CEO of the Logan corporation, one of Crosby Systems' biggest competitors. Then Peter shows up at the family ranch, accusing her of industrial espionage. Katie's upset but understands how he's reached that conclusion, since their families have been feuding for years. Getting stranded together in a snowstorm intensifies the situation, and a fragile trust develops… only to be damaged when a mishap forces Katie to tell Peter about the baby. Angry, Peter still proposes like the honorable guy he is. But Katie wants the real thing, not a sham. Raeanne Thayne's Intimate Surrender (4) is all about the characters. Tough yet vulnerable in their own ways, Katie and Peter are a marvelous pairing.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer