England under Cromwells Puritan rule is not the place for spirited Autumn Leslie, Jasmines daughter (Skye OMalleys great-grand-daughter). After her father dies in battle fighting for King Charles and she kills Cromwells man who murdered her sister-in-law in cold blood, Autumn and her mother flee to France.

She is wooed and won by Sebastian dOleran and Autumn is happy until Sebastians sudden death. As time passes and the king of France learns she is a widow, he becomes her protector and lover and she becomes the mother of his child.

Autumn returns to England when Charles is restored to the throne. Her beauty and wit attract Charles roving eye and Autumn becomes his mistress.

Yet other men also desire Autumn, such as Gabriel Birmingham, a hero of the Restorationthe man who, before changing heart and allegiances, led the Roundhead troops who killed Autumns sister-in-law.

Their love/hate relationship heats up the pages of this fast-paced romance written in true OMalley style (one woman and several great men), launching Kensingtons new erotica line, Brava. The flashbacks and fabulous historical detail enhance this sensual, exciting tale by a true queen of the genre. SENSUAL (Feb., 400 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin