Image of Invincible: The Chronicles of Nick


Image of Invincible: The Chronicles of Nick

Kenyon dives back into her Dark-Hunter prequel series, the Chronicles of Nick, further exploring the adventures of 14-year-old Nick Gautier. For Dark-Hunter fans, this series offers an interesting counterpoint, as adult Nick attempts to prevent teenage Nick from making future mistakes that will doom them all. Nick’s trademark sass gives the story a humorous edge. While this spin-off series works on its own, the exploits are significantly more meaningful for Dark-Hunter fans.

Teen Nick is still trying to process surviving a zombie attack and the discovery that he is more than human. The good news is that his mom no longer has to strip, but is now working for a Were club called Sanctuary, and Nick is doing chores for Kyrian, the Dark-Hunter. The bad news is that a number of dark creatures are after him, plotting to either kill him or turn him evil. Knowing who to trust is problematic, especially in the case of the mysterious Ambrose, who scarily seems to know every detail about Nick. (ST. MARTIN’S GRIFFIN, Mar., 432 pp., $17.99)
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JIll M. Smith