This is an action-packed, enjoyable return to Palmer’s fictional Jacobsville, Texas. Palmer fans have awaited hero Carson’s story, and he is well-matched by heroine Carlie. Invincible is quite suspenseful and infused with plenty of delightful, sparkling dialogue.

A contract has been put out on Carlie Blair’s life and her father, a minister with an unusual past, will do anything to protect her. So will Carson Farwalker, a Lakota Sioux and mercenary working with the Jacobsville sheriff’s department on a murder investigation. Even though he is rumored to have no real respect for women and treats Carlie with apparent contempt, she can’t help being soft where he is concerned. Though he fights to show neither tenderness nor any emotional connection to Carlie, he finds it hard to keep up the façade as the danger surrounding her escalates. (HQN, Aug., 302 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley