This Indian chick lit has a traditional premise made magical by the heroine Lakshmi's ability to see visions and auras of colored hearts, bubbles and flowers. She strikes the perfect balance as a modern woman yet one who is respectful of her culture. Her revelations are whimsically depicted -- straight out of a Bollywood musical -- in this joyful, sweet read.

Lakshmi has been gifted with a sixth sense to see into the hearts and alleviate the burdens of those around her, and, as co-owner of her family's sari shop, she offers the perfect fabric for each of her nervous customers' needs. But at 28, she should be married, so her mother arranges a match with a family friend in India.

Lakshmi respects her culture's traditions, and wishes to please her mother and late father, but soon her heart -- and her sixth sense -- are responding to Nick Dunbar, the handsome chauffeur of a Bollywood star who's an important client. The only problem is that her "knowing" disappears whenever Nick is near. But as she discovers some big secrets about her loved ones, she learns that even with a mystical sixth sense, one doesn't always see the whole picture. (DOWNTOWN press, Sep., 288 pp., $13.00)
Reviewed by: 
Tara Gelsomino