Image of Invitation to the Prince's Palace


Image of Invitation to the Prince's Palace
INVITATION TO THE PRINCE’S PALACE (3) by Jennie Adams: When Australian cook Melanie Watson leaves the home of her aunt and uncle to strike out on her own, she is accidentally picked up by a prince rather than a cab driver. European Prince Rikardo Ettonbierre has made temporary marriage arrangements with a former college acquaintance, Mel’s cousin Nicollette. The marriage is a political move for Prince Rik and a social opportunity for Nicollette. It isn’t until Rik and Mel arrive in the country of Braston that they realize that Rik picked up the wrong woman. This is a cute Cinderella story with likable characters, but the mistaken identity plot, including the allergy medicine reaction that allows Mel to be whisked away, is difficult to believe.
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett