Image of An Invitation To Sin (Zebra Historical Romance)


Image of An Invitation To Sin (Zebra Historical Romance)

Beverley sets the tone of this lively, satisfying quartet of novellas that warm the heart and body. Sweeping from the Regency to the late-Victorian period, from ballrooms to a Spanish villa, the authors take on scandal and love with fresh twists and classic themes.

Anna Featherstone’s room in a London townhouse is an exact replica of the bedchamber in one of her favorite novels, right down to the hidden door that leads into the notorious Earl of Carne’s bedroom. Anna is fascinated with everything about the room and the dashing earl, but a murder may keep their love at bay in Beverley’s “Forbidden Affections.” Young war widow Clarissa Middleton discovers “The Pleasure of a Younger Lover” as Kelly devises the means for Clarissa’s childhood friend, Captain Christian Archer, to re-enter her life and teach her to love again. Spinster Josephine Atworthy is invited to a house party at her wealthy neighbor’s house. Shocked but curious about what goes on at the parties, she lands in the arms of Mackenzie’s “The Naked Prince,” Damian Weston, Earl of Kenderly. O’Riley’s heroine, Charlotte Wilson, begins “A Summer Love Affair” when she encounters Gavin Ellsworth at a villa. Gavin and Charlotte pose for an intriguing painting and they fall in love. (ZEBRA, Feb., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin