After her family dies in the Rebellion of 45, Lona MacLean of the Isle of Iona is forced to wed Donnell MacKay or forfeit her life and the lives of her people.

Donnell, being one of the traitors who betrayed Scotland and Bonnie Prince Charlie, has come to the Isle in search of the Princes treasure. But the ghosts of Scotlands ancient kings buried on Iona will have none of this. Donnellys worthless life is soon claimed by the restless seas surrounding Iona.

His cousin, Niall MacKay, who secretly supports the prince, comes to Iona to retrieve the treasure for him. Niall is smitten by Donnellys widow and is determined to save her and the islanders from the English.

Lona has long heard the whispering of the ghosts of Iona. Their silent acceptance of Niall and the feelings he awakens deep within her convince her he can be trusted.

As they devise a plan to save the islanders, the English close in upon them. The ghosts of Scotlands long-dead kings rise to the occasion as Niall and Lona are caught in a dangerous attempt to escape the soldiers.

IONA is a fanciful tale of Scotlands tragic and colorful history. Though peppered with discrepancies and inaccuracies, and leaving something to be desired in plot and conflict development, IONA will serve for a relaxing read. (Nov., 312 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Beth MacGregor