Alexis Harrington brings the harsh realities of life in Ireland to the fore as we witness two families in crisis and the extraordinary means they must take to save their children. When an eviction leads to an accidental murder, two young people flee their homeland for new lives in America.

Farrell Kirwin is to marry Liam O'Rourke when a double tragedy forces her to leave Ireland with Liam's brother, Aidan. For years, Aidan has harbored a deep, secret love for Farrell, never dreaming she could be his. Now that fate has made her his wife, he is determined to make her love and trust him.

Though Farrell still loves Liam, she realizes she is drawn to Aidan. As they build a home and a family, they begin to forge a strong love—one powerful enough to help them overcome great tragedy and to fight a sinister evil from their past.

Alexis Harrington plays on your heartstrings like a virtuoso in this romance that reads like a beautiful, old-fashioned saga and a powerful love story all rolled into one. The truly likable characters and the realistic events of their lives pull you into the story and keep you hanging on every word. You'll cry and sigh as you rapidly turn the pages. SENSUAL (Mar., 338 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin