Once a privileged Southern belle, Viola Ross is now a penniless widow, abandoned on the Arizona frontier, with the choice of marrying a man she despises or offering to become rugged William Donovan's mistress in exchange for his protection.

Donovan has fantasized about Viola since the moment he first saw her, but there appeared to be no way the "lady" would notice an Irishman. Suddenly she is pleading with him, begging to come to his bed, and he can't resist.

With his callused hands and sensual mouth, Donovan teaches Viola what it means to be a woman, especially his woman. Once open to pleasure, Viola is more than willing to explore her own and Donovan's fantasies. But by becoming Donovan's lover, Viola has made a ruthless enemy of her husband's killer, who will stop at nothing to have his revenge.

Hot and gritty, seething with passion and the aura of the Wild West, Whiteside's debut presents readers with a solid western as well as a highly erotic romance, and the combination is sizzling. Erotic romance fans have a tale to savor and an author to watch. SPICY (Aug., 298 pp., $14.00)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin