In this spellbinding sequel, Fionna of the ODonnells must use everythingspells, secrets, and a wee bit of Ireland magicto protect her land, its people and her heart from the English Kings vassal sent to become Lord of Antrim.

Robert deClare sees through a knights eyes: barren land and a defeated, fearful people. GleannTaise Castle, his new home, is no better.

Then he meets Fionna. A strange and reclusive lady who warns him not to build the kings defense tower upon the sacred land of the Standing Stones. But it is her eyes that enchant him; for years, she has haunted his dreams. But she is his enemy when she claims to be a witch.

Banished for betraying her people, Fionna has merely existed these past 10 years, sheltering her daughter from the villagers cruelty, and healing them with her magical arts. Now she is needed to reclaim her lost position, for death hunts those at GleannTaise and neither her abilities nor all of Raymonds best knights can set it right.

If you read the Irish Princess, you cannot miss IRISH ENCHANTRESS! A provocative tale that combines the power of myth with the warmth of trusted legends, Ms. Fetzers newest story thrills the senses as well as the heart. Fionna and Raymond embody the Isles ancient conflicts on several levels, and prove that the magic of love really does exist. (Mar., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black