Eamon Riordan is shocked when he discovers the little horse thief he met years ago is now his brother's children's governess. He's never been able to forget how she bested him.

They met when Maura stole Eamon's stallion in order to flee the vicious Peitro who planned to force her to be his woman. Though suspicious of Maura, Eamon is also enchanted by her and keeps her criminal past a secret. He uses his knowledge of her past as an excuse to spend time with her and soon Maura realizes that she has fallen in love with a man far above her station.

Ana Seymour proves that love does indeed conquer all in her delightful and appealing love story. You'll be charmed by the cast of characters and held spellbound when Maura is accused of murder, hoping Eamon will come to the rescue. IRISH GYPSY is fast-paced, engaging and a quick light read that more than satisfies as it keeps you turning the pages. SENSUAL (Aug., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin