Image of The Irish Healer


Image of The Irish Healer

The characters are written with wit, charm and style in The Irish Healer. They have problems they need to overcome, and they realize that in order to overcome them they need to put their faith in God. For some that is harder to do than they think. Debut author Herriman is off to a great start in her writing career. She knows how to engage the readers to win their hearts and keep them interested.

Rachel Dunne is relieved to be away from the accusing eyes of Ireland, where some people think of her as a murderer. She has vowed to never go near a sickbed again. After things went tragically bad, she fears chance using her healing knowledge, even to help. But she does assist James Edmunds when he decides to close up his medical practice and home, and retire to his country estate. James feels he no longer is an effective doctor. Since his wife’s death, everything has suffered, including his daughter. Changing the course of his life is the best option. When he discovers Rachel’s secret, he starts thinking maybe he was wrong and they could help each other find the healing they both desperately need in order to go forward. (WORTHY, Apr., 320 pp., $14.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans