In the final book of this enchanting trilogy, Ms. Fetzer rewards her loyal readers with lavish fantasy, high passion, and the notorious, well-loved legend of Robin of Loxley, aka Robin Hood.

Daughter of Fiona and Robert DeClare, Sinead is the most powerful of the female line to protect the GleannAireamh. Forbidden for years to practice magic because she harmed another, Sinead has finally come into her own power and now rules Gleann Taise.

Connal O'Rourke PenDragon, thought to be one of Ireland's true princes, was the one injured by Sinead's magic when they were children. Now he returns home to fulfill his duty to King Richard. Ordered to secure the oaths of the Irish Kings against Prince John and to unite the houses of PenDragon and DeClare by marrying Sinead, Connal has to face more than the young woman he spurned as a mischievous youth; he must acknowledge the truth of his own parentage and the cost of his loyalty to a foreign monarch.

Caught between a spiraling passion and the secrets they each hold, Connal and Sinead must forgive each other their separate, painful pasts. For while the Prince's twisted logic threatens to destroy the people, Sinead is the guardian of Ireland's magic and must heed the unforgiving demands of her special powers or die.

Masterfully woven, this third tale braids all of the secrets of the previous books into a concise, enjoyable read. Alive with detail, Ms. Fetzer's writing defines enchanted passion and leaves the reader both utterly satisfied and yearning for more of Ireland's unique magic. A must-read series! SENSUAL (Apr., 384p., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black