Siobhan ORourke has had enough of men and their wars. A widow and Lady of Donegal, she has been a fine leader. Then King Henry sends his most infamous knight to claim her lands and she must become a cunning warrior to subdue him.

When Gaelen PenDragon is presented with the opportunity for a home and land, he refusesuntil a sweet Irish lass crosses his path during a skirmish. Only after he storms Donegal does he find her again as the princess.

Soon Siobhan and Gaelen are caught between royal politics and dark border wars. When a lost suitor arrives, Gaelen forces Siobhan to wed him for the sake of peace. Yet bound by law and the church, each clings to secrets that could destroy Donegal.

Their tender bond is torn when Siobhan is taken prisoner. It is up to Gaelens prowess, an ancient class of warriors and the help of Irelands magic to end the wars.

A true wordsmith, Ms. Fetzer crafts another powerful tale. Irelands hypnotic magic and bitter struggle for freedom come to life in this non-stop whirl of sensuality, humor, loss and secrets. VERY SENSUAL (June, 475 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Anne Black