The fabulous Emma Jensen joins the Signet family with a scintillating duel of hearts between a spirited Irish lass and the handsome Lord Clane.

Ailis ONeill cannot like her brothers friend, even though he saved her siblings life at Badajoz. How could a true Irish gentleman sell out to the English and sit in their House of Lords when most Irish nobility is not recognized by the British Crown? And what is he doing back in Dublin, anyway, instead of carousing in the streets of London?

Still, it is important to maintain at least a pretense of civility toward the man. After all, he can affect the course of her brothers political career. That does not account, however, for the strange feelings he inspires in her with his presence. If she only knew the secrets of his past

Christor Moore, Earl of Clane, has a problem. Someone has resurrected the legendary bandit persona of An Cu, who is once again playing Robin Hood for the Irish people. He has no time to spend courting a feisty Irish colleen who marches to her own drummer. Instead, he should be spending his time stopping the notorious highwayman from bringing down the concentrated wrath of England upon Irish heads.

A writer of considerable originality, Ms. Jensen has the happy gift of blending hilarious moments with exquisite emotional sensitivity into a delicious reader treat. (Dec., 221 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer