Irishman Sean McGloin finds himself in a small Minnesota town just when he needs to stay out of the trouble's long arm. All he needs is a job, and working for Mae Ella Botts seems ideal. No one would think of looking for him here.

But trouble has a way of finding Mae Ella and as things keep going wrong, Sean wonders what else can happen before it's safe for him to return home.

Mae Ella's natural curiosity combined with Sean's secretive manner (and the fact that he just isn't like your ordinary hired hand) has Mae Ella determined to find out just what this handsome devil is doing in Otter Tail and just what brought the man with the charming accent to America in the first place.

Mae Ella has no idea what a kettle of fish she is about to jump into and less idea of what it is that keeps Sean in the frontier. But love just might have something to do with it and if there's to be a future for them then she had better ferret out the truth.

Fans of Pamela Morsi, Kristin Hannah and Candace Camp will find all the warmth and charm of the finest in Americana romance within the pages of THE IRISHMAN. This unique, refreshing and heartwarming romance presents a wonderful new talent to readers. Welcome Wynema McGowan with open arms and an open heart. SENSUAL (Apr., 400 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin