Image of The Iron Knight (Iron Fey)


Image of The Iron Knight (Iron Fey)

This is a true quest story. Although complications around a former love and a friend’s betrayal add depth to the tale, the focus is always on Ash’s attempt to gain his soul. The male point of view offers an interesting twist on a long running series that had been, up until this point, told in a female POV. This change along with the author’s skill at recapping past events makes this a stand-alone read, one that anyone looking for great action and inventive worldbuilding should be sure to check out.

Ashallayn’ darkmyr Tallyn, aka Ash, is the last son of the Unseelie Court. However, he has given up his Winter Prince title in order to find a way back to his true love, Meghan Chase, ruler of the Iron Realm. To earn the right to stand at her side, Ash must go through several trials in order to earn a soul. This also means he must give up his immortality. Ash’s journey is not easy, but he is ready to face any obstacle, whether it be the dangerous Bone Marsh or facing off against adversaries with only his former friend, Puck, to guard his back. Eventually Ash does find a way to the Testing Grounds where his fate will be decided, but when a girl returns from his past, someone he never got over, Ash realizes that he has a bigger choice to make then whether or not to become mortal; he has to decide whether to return to his past love or move forward with his Iron Queen. (HARLEQUIN TEEN, Oct., $9.99, 400pp., ISBN: 0373210361, 12 & Up)

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Dawn Crowne