When his ship is caught in a battle with a Spanish warship, Varian St. Clare gets unexpected help from the captain of the Iron Rose, Juliet Dante. Juliet also happens to be the daughter of the infamous Pirate Wolf—the very man he is seeking.

Varian has been sent by King James to persuade the privateers and pirates of the brotherhood to cease preying on Spanish vessels and abide by the treaty between James and Philip of Spain. However, the only way Juliet will bring Varian to her father is as her hostage.

Juliet has chosen the life of a pirate and not that of a pampered princess. She has little use for weak men, but Varian does not fit her image of a nobleman; he is much too virile and skillful with a sword to be an aristocrat, and she sets out to learn more about her captive.

Varian is fascinated by Juliet, who is no shy virgin, but a bold woman who goes after what she wants. He soon begins to crave this vivacious beauty, though doing so threatens the success of his mission.

Suddenly ensnared in a web of Spanish treachery, Juliet and Varian take to the seas on a dangerous mission that will be their salvation or their deaths.

No one swashes and buckles better than Marsha Canham. You can feel the sea breeze and smell the salt air, hear the clash of swords and cannons fire. Then she adds a colorful historical backdrop, believable and memorable characters and gives you a love story to dream about—all in one book. This one's a keeper for those who love the sea and wild adventure rides. SENSUAL (Mar., 368 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin