This world, billed as “Chinese Steampunk”, is utterly unique and Lady Jane and Dance incredibly interesting. However, the novella is so short that the author relies heavily on long expositions about the plot and character backstories which slows down the story’s action. "Iron Seduction" would have benefited from a longer text that could have mined the characters' engrossing pasts and intriguing aspects of this alternate history.

When undead clay warriors advance on Beijing, Lady Jane, a British Military Ambassador, leads the fight against their invasion. Lady Jane knows that the exiled Empress Cixi is behind the unholy army's advance and races to the Great Wall to try to stop the horde from destroying all of China. Thankfully Lady Jane is not alone — she has not been alone since she saved Jian Danzen’s life in battle months ago. Danzen, whom she calls Dance, is her constant companion, bodyguard and after one late night her lover. Jane trusts Dance to keep her safe while she brings peace to China, but she cannot yet trust her feelings for the strong, silent warrior. (ELLORA’S CAVE, June 2011, dl. $4.98)

Reviewed by: 
Dawn Crowne