When her uncle is murdered, Catherine Mullaney loses the only blood relative she has leftthe only person who believed in her psychic abilities. Britt Jenkins, who saves her life and thinks that someone is trying to kill her, certainly doesn't believe in her gift.

After working closely with Catherine, Britt might just change his mindand lose his heart in the process.

Irons in the Fire is a truly engrossing, mystical tale of a young woman who possesses supernatural powers. She is also the descendent of fairies. Catherine is a strong heroine who works to understand her unique abilities. The hero has good reasons for his distrust and reactions to her.

A cleverly written tale of magic, evil villains, murder and the power of love, IRONS IN THE FIRE is a fabulous read. ($3.50 dl, $3.99 dk)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley