This touching follow-up to last month's An Unforgettable Lady charts
the life path of Cornelius Woodward Hall's other daughter. Torn loyalties and missed opportunities play key roles in this gripping drama. Together and apart, these books make for a wonderful and fully satisfying reading experience.

Jackson Walker has singlehandedly rebuilt his family's wealth after his father drove them into bankruptcy.

Jack swore to restore the family legacy, which meant re-acquiring a valuable John Singleton Copley painting. Unfortunately, years of neglect have left the masterpiece in bad shape. So, on the advice of his friend Grace Woodward Hall, Jack hires art conservationist Callie Burke to restore it.

Callie is Grace's illegitimate half- sister, but to keep the family reputation intact, they've agreed to keep their relationship a secret. With her finances shaky at best, Callie needs the opportunity that restoring the Copley offers.

Jack, meanwhile, has just made several key decisions in his life. He's proposed to good friend Blair Stanford and is considering running for governor of Massachusetts. The unexpected attraction Jack feels for Callie threatens to disrupt all his carefully laid plans.

(Apr., 384 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith