Image of Irresistible Fortune


Image of Irresistible Fortune
IRRESISTIBLE FORTUNE (4) by Wendy Etherington: Treasure hunter Dr. Gavin Fortune swoops into Palmer’s Island, S.C., to excavate sunken riches from a recently discovered Civil War-era shipwreck. Brenna McGary’s work with the island’s historical society brings her into direct conflict with the glory-hound Fortune, as she aims to prevent him from raiding the treasure. Gavin has earned a reputation for being arrogant and brash. When he cooks dinner for Brenna and acts like a gentleman, she’s skeptical of his intentions. Is he trying to steal her heart along with the treasure? Gavin is, as the title suggests, irresistible, and readers will be delighted with the antics of this Indiana Jones of the high seas.
Reviewed by: 
Andrew Shaffer