Image of The Island (Mira Hardbacks)


Image of The Island (Mira Hardbacks)
A weekend on Calliope Key with her family goes from fun to frightening in a heartbeat for Beth Anderson. Walking on the beach, she steps on a human skull, but when she returns later, it's gone. Beth knows she didn't imagine it and, despite diver Keith Henson's warnings, she keeps asking questions.

Becoming Keith's lover is a welcome distraction for Beth, but it's temporary at best. Back in the real world, Beth can't forget Keith -- and when he turns up at the yacht club where she works, she's happy yet afraid. They get closer, but Beth's very aware that Keith's mixed up in the mysterious goings-on on Calliope Key. Which side of the law is he on?

Well-defined characters and crackling sexual tension are Graham's hallmarks, and both are present here. A few emotional components may be missing --Keith's a man of mystery even to the reader -- but touches of suspense and humor more than compensate. (Mar., 384 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer