Image of Island Girl


Image of Island Girl

Enjoyable isn’t quite the right term for this book. Emotionally moving would be a more accurate description. Elegantly written and insightful, Island Girl is a sad but ultimately hopeful read. It deals with the difficult topics of Alzheimer’s, alcoholism and the tricky, often messy, relationships between estranged family members. At times the pace slows and the subject matter becomes overly heavy. However, the author does include some humorous scenes that help to lighten the tone.

Ruby Donaldson has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In the limited time she has left with her mind intact, she wants to get her family affairs in order. While she is still able, she wants to ensure that her younger daughter can remain in the family home that Ruby has long fought to maintain. To do that, she must overcome a serious conflict with her older daughter and convince her to become sober and return home. (BERKLEY, Dec., 448 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Roseann Marlett