Image of Island Heat


Image of Island Heat

After setting her previous futuristic
novels in space, the award-winning Kearney brings the adventure home in this dangerous quest tale. Most of the characters have seriously conflicting agendas, and all the accompanying emotional anguish adds real depth
and sacrifice to the story. Kearney is unbeatable!

After a tragic accident that killed her lover, famed actress Shara Weston bought a remote island and went into seclusion. Her peaceful existence is shattered the day she sees a man fall out of the sky.

Cade Archer is an extraterrestrial alien on a desperate mission from his home planet Rama. Weakened by a dire lack of salt, Cade's people are virtual slaves to a segment of their society. Opening a portal to allow delivery of salt from Earth is their only hope. But Cade's evil brother, Jamar, has both psychic power and interstellar transportation at his disposal. Shara's initial attraction and willingness to help Cade is tempered by the psychic visions of her best friend, who predicts that Cade's plan may lead to the fiery destruction of Earth. (TOR, Feb., 320 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith