Image of Island Heat (Mediterranean Nights)


Image of Island Heat (Mediterranean Nights)
Guest lecturing on a cruise aboard Alexandra's Dream sounds like heaven to chef Tory Fournier. Until she learns the chef who's supposed to co-lecture with her has been replaced by her ex-lover, Ben Cooper! Working together is awkward, but they get past it -- and become intimate again, too. Tory's quick to insist their encounter means nothing, which should relieve Ben greatly, but it doesn't. Then love sneaks in, despite the issues both are dealing with, but is forever still an option? Many subplots in Sarah Mayberry's Island Heat (3) detract from the impact of the romance, and one has to ask -- of all the chefs in the world, how does Ben wind up on the cruise? That aside, the characters are well written and there's sizzle to spare between them.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer