When Morgan Breck buys an antique bedroom set at an auction and finds a map and a key taped to the dresser drawer, she tries to return the items. The man she contacts is the same handsome stud-muffin that attracted her attention at the auction. Although he tells her the key is to a diary and the map is a drawing done by his young niece, Morgan is suspicious, especially when she arrives home to find her place is ransacked.

From the moment he looks into Morgans sexy gaze, Jackson Turner knows shes trouble. Now shes on his trail as he races to find his sister and niece. It seems his brother-in-law has stolen from the mob and the IRS and both organizations want their money back. Morgan follows him to the Cayman Islands, and Jackson keeps her with him to protect her, but this only intensifies his feelings for her.

ISLAND PROMISE is a fast-paced romantic adventure set against the luxurious backdrop of the Cayman Islands. Ms. Winters has continued to grow and excel as a romance writer, weaving tales we cant, and wont, put down! (Nov., 278 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson