Image of Island for Two: Hawaii Magic / Fiji Fantasy


Image of Island for Two: Hawaii Magic / Fiji Fantasy

ISLAND FOR TWO (3) by Beverly Jenkins & Elaine Overton: Island for Two brings to life two stories of women who find their true loves while on vacation. In Overton’s “Fiji Fantasy,” Connie Vaughn and Michael Hillard share a romantic tryst in Fiji where Connie allows her alter ego, Contessa, to let loose. Back in the States, Connie leaves her sexy and daring persona behind and returns to being a mousy, people-pleasing assistant. But when Michael turns out to be her new boss, she must decide which side will win out. In “Hawaii Magic” by Jenkins, lawyer Anita Hunt is forced to take a vacation to Hawaii, where she meets pilot Steve Blair. Ready to shed her workaholic ways, Anita looks to Steve for the adventure of a lifetime. In Overton’s tale, the supposed romance is forced, rushed and not believable. Jenkins’ story fares better as the relationship and the heroine are given the chance to grow and mature.

Reviewed by: 
B. Nakia Garner